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  • ArteViejo. Arte y Restauracion

    Arte Viejo is a company founded and directed by Raquel Viejo, a degree in art history from the University of León and a diploma in conservation and restoration of cultural property by the school Superior of Arts of the Principality of Asturias, specialising in painting.

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  • Bodega Gordaliza

    Winery Gordaliza S.L is a major project of two members, which are flushed on a target: the production of great wines, rosé, white and mostly red crianza and reserva, from a grape that offers very interesting nuances, Mencía and Prieto Picudo varieties, both native to the province of León.

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  • Bodegas Peláez

    PELÁEZ WINERY is a family winery, with the current 3rd generation owners who are dedicated to winemaking. It is a traditional wine cellar underground, built in the 50s in GRAJAL DE LA RIBERA, a village under Leon moor.

    We make our wines with traditional practices, without neglecting the new processing techniques

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  • Bodegas Vitalis

    Bodegas Vitalis, Villamañan is located in the south of the province of León, an area of ​​great winemaking tradition. The new facilities feature the latest technology for making and aging wine.

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  • BYL

    The bercian climate enables excellent obtaining from the Bierzo region of fruits and vegetables. Bierzo agriculture is divided into two parts, that of the alto bierzo characterized by a traditional agriculture and low bierzo based on irrigation. Some of the most typical products of el bierzo in culinary wealth are the botillo, the androlla, peppers, Pippin Apple, PEAR Conference, cherries and their mencia wines. 

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    In meat TAVITO, we specialize in the development of the jerky and sausage of goat with natural ingredients.

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  • Cosas de León - Qessin

    the "Qessin", exquisite fruit of the cheese.  


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  • Embutidos Jonás

    Sausage Factory Jonas, a member of the Regular Council Cecina de León. Specialists in Cecina.

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  • Embutidos Palazuelo

    Palazuelo sausage is a family company dedicated to the elaboration of sausages and cured meats from generations ago.  

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  • La Moncloa de San Lázaro

    All of the products we produce are of the Bierzo, pack them to the "natural", without preservatives or colouring, using water bath for its conservation; in the case of cherries, these are also preserved in brandy of el Bierzo.

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    Butchers LORPY was born in 1976 in the central mountain, to be exact in the village of La Robla. Since our inception, and thanks to the trust placed in us by our customers not we would take to open a new store in the city of León. We currently have four stores spread by the Leonese capital, livestock and own factory.

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    Since 1944 manufacturing the best spirits and liqueurs. 

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